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Ear, nose and throat issues are common in babies and children. Although they’re often as simple as a blocked nose or sore throat, these symptoms may need investigating if they recur.  We provide a diverse range of specialist treatments for babies and children and we will do our best to ensure they receive the highest level of care and support with us.

Our areas of expertise include:

Adenoid and tonsil removal:

If your child suffers from acute or chronic tonsillitis or other symptoms including sleep apnoea or glue ear, your consultant may recommend having your child’s adenoids and tonsils removed. This combined procedure is commonly performed by our paediatric ear, nose and throat surgeons.

In some circumstances it may be possible to have a tonsil removed independently of the adenoids.

Grommet or Glue Ear:
A grommet is a tiny plastic tube with a hole in the centre which can be inserted into the eardrum to help with glue ear. Glue ear is a build-up of fluid behind the eardrum. Glue ear can make it hard to hear and may have an impact your child’s speech development, or can be a sign of more serious disease if found in adults.

Adeno and Tonsillar disease:
Adenotonsillar disease (adenoiditis and recurrent tonsillitis) is a prevalent otolaryngologic disorder aetiologically based on chronic inflammation triggered by a persistent bacterial infection.